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About Us

Digital Marketing & Branding Agency
Complete Service; cultivate growth, plan for success.

New Age Digital is a complete Digital Marketing Agency aimed at developing small businesses and start-ups' online presence and functionality. As well as optimizing businesses' marketing plans and return on investment.  

Our Services range from Web development and functions to Branding Apparel and more. We provide marketing and branding to many service-based businesses from construction companies to accounting offices. Still, we are not limited to working with creative individuals and other creative agencies and entities.

New Age Digital was started by Ryan Lopez and has since then worked with hundreds are individuals, groups and businesses in North Carolina. 


Services are not only our job but also educating our clients and friends. Rest assured our collaborators are taught to understand the services and tools of online optimization they provided with. 

At New Age Digital we Strive to provide solutions and to help you succeed.

Core Values


Curiosity fuels our marketing strategies and motivates us to keep learning and stay ahead of technological trends


Whether it’s client-facing or internal, we know that the best decisions are made when all of the data is available: the good, the bad, and the WTF? Every client and employee should know and share the full picture so that failures are quickly rectified and successes are acknowledged and nurtured.

Client Success

Our objective extends beyond delivering exceptional results. We strive to create a satisfying experience for our clients because their success is our joy.


New Age Digital Started in 2020 during the quarantine and worked with small businesses in times of recovery. Ryan as a student of business administration educated himself in Marketing, user experience (UI design) and search engine optimization (SEO)because of the need for internet services that would provide solutions for businesses in his community. 

This led him to the world of project management and Graphic design. Through determination, the development of this skillset gave the nous to cultivate a culture to help people and businesses succeed. 



Meet the Team

Vibrant and hardworking, a talented Family.

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